Sturm Graz

Sturm Graz is one of the two most traditional football clubs of Graz. The other one is the "Grazer AK" which was founded in 1902. Sturm Graz appeared some years later, founded in 1909 as working club.

According to the legend, Sturm Graz received its name because of a stormy weather on the day of the foundation in May. "Sturm" means "storm" in German language.

The colours of the club are black and white. Sturm Graz is the most popular football club in the federal state of Styria.

Sturm Graz received international fame during the magnificent and successful participations in the UEFA Championsleague at the end of the 90's and beginng of the new millenium.

Nowadays the club suffers under a deep financial crisis. Sturm Graz still plays in the highest Austrian football league, but always has to fear the revocation of its license.